Your First Experience with Online Casinos


For whatever reason you may have decided to try one of the many online Casinos and that may have been an easy decision, but your next one won’t be. Meaning you have likely discovered that there are many online Casinos, so which one do you choose?

To begin with, determine if you want to play an online Casino where you download their game site or a flash version where you can go directly to the site and play. There are more and more sites beginning to offer flash games now as there were in the past. As far as which is best for you will mostly come down to your personal preference and the speed of your personal computer. Flash games may restrict you from being able to play all of the games that particular casino has to offer and/or they may be slower loading. The download versions afford you the opportunity to take advantage of what that entire particular site has to offer.

When you are perusing a particular online Casino make sure to check out their promotions. You will find that many sites have a variety of promotions and bonuses. This serves a two fold purpose, as it draws new people to the sites, and gives incentives to keep the members happy once they join the site.

The bonuses that will usually entice you to join the site are the deposit bonuses. This means that for the first deposit you make the Casino will match some of your dollars. All of the online casinos vary greatly in this particular bonus so you will really want to shop around for the best deal. Some may match your deposit dollar for dollar up to a limit. Others may not match dollar for dollar but will match a percent, say 50% for example, but may offer incentives on your second and third deposit as well.

Then there are the promotions that will change periodically. These ones are used as incentives to keep their membership. These are usually lots of fun and requirement set times for participation. Their payouts are usually quite lucrative so they are well worth playing. Many online Casinos with offer loyalty points as well. These are usually based on how many dollars you spend at the casino. For example, you may get one point for every dollar you spend. These points are accumulated and then will have a dollar value attached to a specific number accumulated. You can then use the point money you have earned to play the games, and start building your loyalty points all over again.

You can find what you consider the best online Casino there is available but if they don’t have a deposit method that you can utilize then it is of no value to you. So make it a point to check out the deposit methods as soon as possible once you have started your review of the site. There is no point in spending a lot of time checking out what the site has to offer if you can’t play there.

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