Scifi casino – no deposit offer, won but no money!?


I recently joined sci-fi casino and took their $21 no deposit offer, it had a playthrough requirement of $500 and their terms and conditions state you can withdraw a maximum of $50 once meeting the playthrough requirements. I reached their requirements and had $662 left after winning over $1000 on a slot.

I requested the cashout of $50, and they have said i cannot cash out the monies because i have not made a deposit of $100 or more, their terms and conditions do NOT state you required to deposit prior to cashing out, it actually says aslong as you meet the playthrough requirements you can cashout a maximum of $50 without depositing.

What can i do??

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  1. Since Online Casinos are not legal in the US your options are quite limited. You can try poiunting out their own rules to them and hope that they will honor their own commitments but unless you are willing to hire a lawyer in their jurisdiction your hands may be tied.

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