Online Casino Bonus??

If you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit and lose that money without ever meeting the wagering requirement. And then you make a second deposit with no bonus, will you still have to meet the wagering requirement from the first deposit or can you just cash out whenever you want?

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  1. After you’ve lost the bonus money you can cash out any winnings. You could always sign up for better bonuses at…

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  2. No… on the new deposit its all Your Money.. so on that there is no wage requirements. online18casino does offer 100% match bonuses on three different high quality casinos, if your intrested in trying your luck again with better odds then just a single deposit.

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  3. Obviously this is about 888 casino. After you receive your deposit and if you lose all of it, on second deposit, what ever you deposit and win from it will be yours. 888’s play through requirement is just about same as any other casino but, I would suggest you do one of the following for your own benefit.

    First, make small deposit to receive 100% bonus and play to get the feel for this casino and if you do lose, you would only have lost a small amount.

    Second option is not to take the bonus by contacting them immediately after signing up with them. Reason for my suggestion is I have absolute horror story involving deposit bonus. It was with 32vegas and they give you bonus with EVERY deposit. I deposited $100 and played it up to around $5,000 only to have these urinating bunch refuse to pay me as I did not meet their playthrough requirement. Just imagine, deposit $1million and just to be told that you need playthrough requirement of 50 times which means you need to wager $50million before you can get one single dollar of your own $Million. So, this is why I would highly recommend not to take any form of bonus as its truly false economy.

    So, its really good idea to read Terms & conditions to see what playthrough requirement is and if it doesn’t suit you, simply refuse any bonus they offer you. Good luck..

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  4. Secretly Silent April 11, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    In reality, I don’t use online casino since I cannot be sure that website is own by a real casino or a scam…. My best suggestion is that you should go to a real casino and gamble.

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  5. April 11, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    Once you start afresh (second deposit), meaning that you deposit on a 0 balance, then no wagering requirements should be imposed on you, and you are free to cash out whatever you win. However, do make sure that when you make your second deposit, your balance is at O, and not 0,13 or 0,34… because if you win on your second deposit, the old argument of you still had a balance from your previous deposit and bonus, so you have to meet the wagering requirements. This has often happened.
    Also lately I have heard that some casinos impose wagering requirements on deposits qlone, so I would do a good research first. You can start by visiting And last, before you deposit, always check the terms and conditions.

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