What is A No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonuses are offered by many online casinos in an effort to attract new members. They are a bit unique and differ from traditional bonuses. When an individual uses a No Deposit bonus, they are not required to add money to their account prior to participating in games. However, it is important to note that most casinos will require that individuals participate in real money games before they are able to withdraw any money to win via No Deposit bonuses. These are called wagering requirements.

There are a number of benefits of utilizing these types of bonuses and players should take advantage of them when they are able and offered by a reputable online casino.

a. Players Receive A Trial Run:  A No Deposit bonus gives individuals an opportunity to spend some time at a particular online gambling site before committing any money to it. It makes perfectly good sense for individuals to want to see exactly how a casino is set up, what games are offered and how well its software functions, prior to spending any of their own money.

Most online casinos look pretty professional. It can be difficult to tell simply from looking at a website how well it functions. In today’s day and age when     discretionary monies are limited, spending money on the unknown is a risk that  many people are no longer willing to take. A No Deposit bonus gives individuals  a chance to get a feel for a site without financial investment.

b. No Monetary Risks: Depositing money into a casino and then attempting to have it refunded can be a hassle and depending on the particular casino, can be very difficult to do. Instead of individuals making a deposit and then attempting to re-access that money because they find that they don’t like a particular online casino, a no-deposit bonus gives them a chance to try out a few games without any risk.

c. Free Money: One of the best things about the No Deposit bonus is the free money it provides players. Individuals can play most of a casino’s games for real cash and prizes prior to making a deposit. It is important to note that most online gambling websites will require that individuals play a certain number of real-money games before they are able to withdraw any money earned by use of a no-deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are an effective tool used by online casinos to grow their membership bases. It works because it allows individuals to spend some time at their site without spending any money. Most people appreciate this and gladly accept such offers. Casinos are hoping that people have such a good experienced that they eventually deposit money into their accounts and begin spending a  lot of time at the site.

This type of offer works well for casinos because most won’t release winnings earned via no deposit bonuses unless a player actually makes a deposit and plays a certain number games. Though this can seem like a bit of a bummer at first glance, it helps to protect the casino financially. If they were to simply give away money without receiving any, they would soon go out of business. Also, players should keep in mind that while they won’t be able to withdraw their money without a deposit, they do get to play without the threat of actually losing any of their own money. In this regard, it really is a wash.