How Many Online Casinos Offer Free Bonuses?

Most online casinos will offer free bonuses. Most can’t afford not to, because their competitors are. Online casinos are in a fierce competition for members. This is especially true today because people have less money to spend on the “extras.” For many people, online gambling falls into this category. Because there is so much money to be made and in order to stay in business, online casinos must be willing to pull out all of the stops. They must also keep abreast of the offers being made by other companies in the industry.

Free bonuses are most often given to new players. This is done to draw them in and convince them to open an account. Casinos understand that if they can get players involved at their website, in any form, they have a good chance of earning their business, which is essentially what online casinos are attempting to do.

It is important that individuals understand that free bonuses are rarely ever free. In the vast majority of cases, gamblers must be willing to make an actual deposit, participate in a certain number games, earn so many points, etc., before they are able to collect on their free bonuses. This is done to financially protect the casino.  If they failed to require players collecting these bonuses, to invest money into the casino, they wouldn’t be in business very long and consequently, players wouldn’t have the benefit of participating in online gambling.

Even though it is necessary for a player to deposit money into a casino in order to receive some, in the form of bonuses, they are still beneficial. They allow individuals to gamble with money that is not their own. If they were planning to gamble anyway, any money they win from the use of the free bonuses, is just that, free.

Many casinos don’t only offer free bonuses to their new members.  Some actually take care of those individuals who spend money with them on a continual basis. This makes a lot of sense. It is cheaper to retain a customer then it is to generate a new one. These bonuses are known as reload bonuses. They typically range between 50% and 100% of a player’s deposit. If an active member deposited $100 and their account and the casino offered a 50% re-load bonus, he or she would receive an extra $50 in their account. This is a pretty significant amount of money and depending on what types of games a person likes to play, could go pretty far.

Most online casinos offer free bonuses. They are made available in a number of forms, including new player deposit bonuses, re-load or timed bonuses. In cases of the latter, an individual is given a certain amount of time to play games absolutely free. In order to collect, they will typically have to make a deposit or participate in a set number of games. This requirement does not change much from casino to casino. Most utilize this format when offering free bonuses. Players generally have to make some sort of deposit before they are able to collect on any monies won via free bonuses. Free monies offered in this manner give casinos the opportunity to open up their virtual doors to the public, with the aim of turning them into active members.