How Can You Withdraw From A No Deposit Bonus?

Most people who gamble online are very familiar with no deposit bonuses. Those who are not well acquainted with these types of bonuses, but who are interested in taking advantage of them, may be a bit uneasy about utilizing them because they don’t understand the withdrawal process. Fortunately, it is quite simple. If a person has ever withdrawn money from an online casino, then they know enough to do the same with no-deposit bonuses.

Most online casinos that offer their members no-deposit bonuses, will not automatically allow those that win money with these bonuses to withdraw it. Instead, winners must first make a deposit into their account. This may sound a bit confusing since we are discussing no-deposit bonuses, but it isn’t really. Individuals do not have to deposit any money in order to play games and win money but they do if they want to retrieve those winnings. They get to play for free, they just don’t get to collect on the monies they do win, at least not until they give up some of their own.

In order to use a no-deposit bonus, an individual has to first sign up for an account. A casino will typically ask for a person’s first and last name, city, state and country. Individuals will need to come up with a username and password. They can then start playing games, spending the full amount of their no-deposit bonus. If they do not win anything, then they can either log out or add money of their own and continue playing. However, if a person does win, they will be asked to make a deposit or be required to play a certain number of games before they are allowed to withdraw their no-deposit bonus earnings. These are known as wagering requirements. Persons may be able to fulfill these requirements in one night. However, that will depend on how much money and time they are willing to spend at the casino.

After an individual has met the wagering or withdrawal requirements, they can then make a request for their money to be withdrawn. Depending on the casino and where an individual wants their money transferred to, this can take 1-2 days or up to six.

Withdrawing a no deposit bonus really isn’t that different from withdrawing the money a person wins without the use of such bonuses. What primarily differentiates the two is that users will generally have wagering requirements that must be met before they are able to withdraw monies earned via their no deposit bonus. Once they have done so, they are free to have their cash transferred to whatever account they’d like. This might include a credit card, e-wallet, bank account or even Western Union.

It is important for individuals to read and clearly understand the wagering requirements of whatever website they are considering accepting a no-deposit bonus at. For some individuals, no such bonus, regardless of how big it is, will be beneficial because of the wagering requirements. Some players have no intention of ever meeting them and thus, will be wasting their time collecting them. There are, however, many people who will and for these individuals a no-deposit bonus can be of great benefit.