There are many online casinos in the web world offering free bonuses. Though some of them cannot afford to bonus, they provide it in order to meet the competition. Online casinos face tough competition today. They need to get new members and retain existing members. In today’s downtrend economy, people have less money to spend on entertainment. Online gambling falls into entertainment category for many people. Online casinos are in need of putting an end to all these problems. They need to offer some of the best bonuses in the industry, so that they can withstand competition.

Online casinos usually offer free bonuses to new players. Free bonus helps them to draw the attention of consumers and convince them to open a real money account. Casinos know that if they can attract players and make them open an account, they have many chances to make money.

It is crucial to understand that free bonuses are not always free. In many cases, you need to make deposit into real money account, play various games and earn certain number of points, before claiming your free bonus. Casinos take these steps to protect themselves financially. If they do not require players to make deposit and participate in some games before collecting bonuses, they will not be able to do business for a long period.

Though you need to make deposit into a casino account, before receiving some type of bonuses, they still benefit you a lot. They let you play your favorite games with free money and not your own cash. If you are a passionate player, you will involve in gambling, no matter whether it is your own money or free money. Free bonuses help you play more and increase your chance of winning more.

Many casinos offer free bonuses not only to their new members but also to their existing players. They really take care of players who spend money with them continuously. They usually decide that retaining a customer is more beneficial than generating a new one. Free bonuses to existing members are reload bonuses. They range from 50% to 100% of your deposit. If you deposit $100 into your account and the casino offers you 50% reload bonus, you will have $150 in your account. You can use this extra money to play more.

Free bonuses offered by many casinos take the form of first time deposit bonus and reload bonus.  You can use reload bonus within the specified period of time. You can play your favorite games for free within that time. In order to become qualified for this bonus, you need to make deposits and participate in some games. Most of the casinos follow this format to offer free bonuses. You need to make some type of deposit, before you are entitles to collect money in the form of free bonus. Free bonus helps the casinos to portray themselves as a legitimate one that actually values players. It also helps them to turn players playing in fun mode to active real money mode players.